EMYC Utility

  1. Native Token: EMYC serves as the primary token for the E Money network.

  2. Gas Fees / Transaction Fees: Use EMYC for transaction fees and pay for exchange.

  3. Node Validator: EMYC allows users to become a node validator and earn EMYC tokens as rewards.

  4. Contract Deployment Fees: Pay in EMYC to deploy any contract.

  5. Regulated Crowdfunding on the Blockchain: Implement smart contract-based campaigns for crowdfunding.

  6. Staking: Stake EMYC for attractive APYs.

  7. E Money App Discounts: Holders can earn discounts on the E Money App.

  8. Loyalty and Reward Programs: Introduce a loyalty program where power users earn tokens.

  9. Peer-to-Peer Lending: Enable peer-to-peer lending using EMC as the medium of exchange.

NFT- Limited Editions

  • Mint NFTs for pre-order limited edition cards from football clubs, influencers, etc.

  • Create NFTs for elite membership or account upgrades.

Strategic burning

Burning of tokens refers to sending tokens to an address from which the tokens become irretrievable. On the E Money Network, every transaction uses EMYC as gas fees. By default, a small percentage of gas fees for every transaction is burnt in E Money Network. The E Money Network strategically manages the token supply by implementing a burning mechanism of its native cryptocurrency, the EMYC. The consequent scarcity may increase the value of each remaining token, offering potential value appreciation for holders, particularly if demand remains steady or rises.

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