About the E Money Network

Objectives of E Money Network

E Money Network aspires to lay the foundation for DEFI 2.0. The objective is to furnish individuals and institutions with a resilient and secure infrastructure. Thus, facilitating the creation of RWA tokens. An integral facet of this transformative initiative involves the amalgamation of assets from beyond the digital realm into the blockchain.

  • Enhanced Liquidity Conditions: Facilitating fluidity in asset transactions.

  • Greater Transparency: Elevating clarity in financial operations.

  • Mitigation of Systemic Risks: Reducing vulnerabilities within the financial ecosystem.

  • Establishment of Conflict-of-Interest-Free Framework: Cultivating an environment devoid of conflicting interests.

USPs of E Money Network

Identity Verification:

  • E Money Network sets itself apart by implementing a robust on-chain identity verification system. This system is designed to establish a trust-infused environment by incorporating on-chain ID protocols and Know Your Business (KYB) procedures.

  • Through secure on-chain identity verification, participants within the E Money Network benefit from heightened security and confidence in their interactions, fostering a trustworthy ecosystem.

Compliance Assurance:

  • Recognizing the paramount importance of regulatory adherence, E Money Network prioritizes compliance through the integration of on-chain Know Your Transaction (KYT) and on-chain Anti-Money Laundering (AML) modules.

  • This commitment ensures that transactions within the network adhere to regulatory standards, providing a secure and compliant environment for users and stakeholders.

Ownership Transparency:

  • E Money Network places a strong emphasis on enhancing transparency in asset ownership. This is achieved through on-chain Know Your Ownership (KYO) procedures, further fortified by the implementation of Zero-Knowledge Proofs (Zk Proof) for augmented security.

  • Participants can trust in the clarity and legitimacy of ownership records, as the network leverages advanced cryptographic techniques to prove ownership without revealing sensitive information.

Custodial Solutions for E Money Token:

  • Pioneering on-chain custody solutions, E Money Network introduces innovative features such as IBAN on-chain and Fiat-pegged E-Fiat. These advancements contribute to establishing a seamless and secure ecosystem for asset management.

  • By providing on-chain custodial solutions, the network not only ensures the safekeeping of assets but also facilitates easy and secure management through features like IBAN on-chain and Fiat-pegged E-Fiat.

By synergizing these features, E Money Network emerges as a comprehensive and secure solution within the tokenised Real World Asset (RWA) market.

Regulatory Compliance

E Money Network stands as the pioneer in fully-regulated blockchain operations. It is fully compliant to MiCA regulations and also adheres to existing laws and regulations. E Money Network has secured pertinent licenses and registrations in over 100 jurisdictions globally, encompassing prominent regions such as Canada and Dubai, the network boasts PSD compliance for its banking services in the EU. Additionally, the platform upholds KYC/AML compliance, aligning with stringent transparency and disclosure requirements.

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