Use Cases of E Money Network

The E Money Network could be used to build cutting-edge dApps for the following use cases:

RWA Launchpad

The E Money Network is a robust platform for launching tokenised RWA projects, providing a secure and efficient avenue for investment.

  1. Commodities: E Money Network empowers the generation of real-world asset tokens representing commodities, including precious metals. This will foster efficient trading on the blockchain.

  2. Intellectual Property (IP): The platform serves as a launchpad for Real World Asset (RWA) tokens linked to intellectual property, ensuring secure and transparent trading of digital assets tied to unique ideas and patents.

  3. Shares: E Money Network facilitates the tokenisation of shares, allowing for the efficient and secure trading of digital representations of ownership in businesses.

  4. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): The network supports the creation of RWA tokens associated with Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), enabling the transparent trading of digital tokens representing shares in real estate assets.

  5. Loans: E Money Network extends its utility to the tokenisation of loans, providing a platform for the creation and secure trading of digital assets representing loan agreements.

Lending and Borrowing

Lending and Borrowing: Enable seamless lending and borrowing activities through the E Money Network, facilitating access to capital.

  1. Lending and Borrowing of RWA Assets: Users can leverage the platform for lending and borrowing Real World Asset tokens, creating a dynamic and secure environment for these transactions.

  2. Tokenised Shares as Collateral: E Money Network allows tokenised shares to be used as collateral, enhancing liquidity and providing a secure foundation for leveraging digital assets.

  3. Tokenised Personal Assets as Collateral: Personal assets, when tokenised, can serve as collateral on the platform, unlocking new possibilities for borrowing and lending in a secure manner.

  4. Tokenised Yield Farms as Collateral: The network enables tokenised yield farms as collateral, creating opportunities for users to engage in decentralised finance (DeFi) practices securely.

On-Chain Credit Score

Implement a decentralised system on the E Money Network to assess and track users' creditworthiness.

  1. On-Chain Credit Score: E Money Network introduces on-chain credit scoring, providing users with a transparent and decentralised measure of creditworthiness.

  2. Non-Custodial Wallet Loans: Users can access loans directly through non-custodial wallets, ensuring the security and autonomy of their digital assets.

  3. DeFi Loan Based on Credit Score: The platform facilitates decentralised finance loans based on users' on-chain credit scores, promoting a secure and transparent lending ecosystem.

  4. FATF-Based Credit Score: E Money Network integrates FATF-based credit scoring, aligning with international standards to enhance the credibility and reliability of credit assessments.

  5. TradeFi: The platform establishes itself as a cornerstone in TradeFi, providing a secure and efficient infrastructure for decentralised finance and trading activities.

Infrastructure and Tokenisation

The E Money Network can function as a Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN), facilitating the construction, upkeep, and management of physical hardware infrastructure in an open and decentralised fashion.

  1. Infrastructure for DePIN: The E-Money Network lays the groundwork for DePIN (Decentralised Public Infrastructure Network), contributing to the development and expansion of decentralised systems.

  2. Tokenisation of Sustainable Credits: The platform enables the tokenisation of sustainable credits, fostering environmentally conscious financial practices.

  3. Redemption of Carbon Credits: Users can redeem carbon credits through the platform, contributing to sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives.

  4. Redemption of Mobile Network Credits: E-Money Network facilitates the redemption of mobile network credits, streamlining and incentivising mobile services.

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