E Money Network Wallet

The E Money Network Wallet constitutes an integral component within the broader E Money Network ecosystem, playing a pivotal role in shaping a seamless and user-centric financial experience.

IBAN accounts linked to your wallet address

The E Money Network Wallet is available both as a user-friendly app and a browser extension. Signing up is easy but what sets E Money Network Wallet apart is its bank-like registration process. Upon sign-up, users complete a secure verification process, submitting their ID card, facial features, biometrics and other relevant information.

Once approved, users receive their wallet address on the E Money Network– a groundbreaking move in blockchain technology. The wallet address is also an IBAN, marking a historic milestone as the world's first-ever Bank on the Chain.

Debit cards to spend your crypto

With the E Money Network, spending crypto in daily life is simple. Users no longer need to navigate multiple websites for purchases. Instead, we issue cards linked to their wallet addresses. Now, users can visit any website, proceed to the payment page and choose E Money as the preferred payment option. Whether booking flights, hotels or buying coffee, the E Money Network wallet simplifies crypto spending with a user-friendly interface.

E Money Tokens

The technology behind E Money Network Wallet's fiat-to-token transactions feature e-EUR or e-GBP tokens. This innovation, developed by Scallop, is key to the whole concept and workings of the E Money Network.

When users send traditional fiat to their Scallop IBAN address, a real-time minting process occurs on the Scallop Chain, creating an E-Money Token. This token is backed at a rate of 1:1 by the transferred amount in the corresponding currency, ensuring a seamless conversion. For example, sending 100 Euros results in the creation of 100 Euro E-Money Tokens on the E Money Network. These tokens can swiftly move within the Scallop ecosystem.

When a transfer occurs within the E Money Network, the recipient gets the E-Money Tokens and receives the equivalent fiat amount in their IBAN address. However, if these tokens are sent to an IBAN address outside the E Money Network, then the E-Money Tokens are burned and only the fiat amount leaves the account.

The E-Money Tokens stand out for their speed, efficiency and regulatory compliance. Using ZK-Rollups technology, transactions align with fiat regulations, ensuring user privacy and security. ZK-Rollups obfuscate transactions, making account balances and details visible only to the account holder.

These E-Money Tokens enable global transactions in seconds at low cost, eliminating the need for converting fiat to crypto-stablecoins. Future plans include trading pairs like BTC/E-Euro offering users a 100% fiat-backed option, enhancing security in the crypto world.

MiCA (Markets in Crypto Assets) plays a pivotal role in regulating E-Money Tokens in the European Economic Area. E Money Network maintains strict adherence to both fiat and crypto banking standards, instilling trust in users that their transactions are secure and compliant.

Multi-Chain Wallet

E Money Network Wallet offers the convenience of a self-custody multi-chain wallet with low fees and simplified cross-chain functionality. Securely store and swap various cryptocurrencies all from a single smart contract wallet that is fully decentralised to ensure data privacy.

The beauty of E Money Network multi-chain wallets lies in their cross-compatibility with diverse blockchain networks. Users can seamlessly store, send and receive different digital assets across various blockchains through a single user interface. This eliminates the need for multiple wallets and simplifies the overall crypto management process.

Instant Swap and E Money Network DEX

The E Money Network blockchain supports instant payments at scale and includes a DEX for easy conversion between currencies. Experience the speed and efficiency of instant swaps with the E Money Network DEX. The platform enables seamless and rapid cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing users to effortlessly swap between different digital assets. The E Money Network DEX provides a user-friendly interface for hassle-free transactions, ensuring fast, secure and convenient crypto trading.

Seamless FX and Remittances

The E Money Network Wallet could be a go-to solution for foreign exchange (FX) and remittances offering support for over 100 fiat currencies. With this versatile wallet, users can easily handle currency exchanges and international money transfers. Whether travelling, sending funds to family and friends abroad or engaging in cross-border transactions, the E Money Network Wallet ensures a user-friendly experience with its broad support for fiat currencies. Stay connected to global finance by effortlessly managing multiple currencies in one secure and convenient platform.

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